"One Treatment Can Make

Your Engine Run Faster

Than Ever Before."


Over the years we have received many wonderful letters from happy customers telling us about their satisfaction after using Racing Shark High Performance Power Additives. Listed here are just a few of our favorite ones. If you have noticed an improvement in Power & Performance after using our additives - we would like to hear from you, too!

"We've tested lots of products and found Racing Shark Power Additives to be the best there is. They're additives allow us to push the car to the limit and not be worried about hurting the motor."

Erich Clarke

Clarke Racing Team

"Recently I had a tapping noise upon start-up and it gradually became constant. I took my car to the repair shop and was given a quote of $1,500.00 to fix it. Instead, I decided to try a bottle of Racing Shark's FORMULA-496 Engine Treatment to see if it would make a difference. Within 20 minutes of adding it to my oil and driving around, the tapping noise completely faded away. Ever since then my engine has been running quieter & smoother!"


Daniel Fulson

Denver, Colorado

"One treatment can make your engine run faster than ever before. Racing Shark Power Additives make an unmistakable difference you can feel and see in both newer and older cars. I highly recommend that everyone use them to increase both power & performance."

Les Amment

Fairbanks, Alaska

"This isn't the old generic octane booster your Dad used back in the day...this stuff is on steroids!


Tim Berry

Valencia, California

"I've always been skeptical of using "additives" and I have never written a review, however this stuff really works! Now my car just pulls & pulls as detonation and hesitation were completely eliminated. Anyone running a high compression engine should consider giving Racing Shark Power Additives a try - I highly recommend them to everyone!"

Brian Fitzpatrick

Seattle, Washington

"Racing Shark's MAXIMUM THROTTLE Octane Treatment is like 'caffeine kick' for your car! Every vehicle I've used it in has responded very well - including my boat."

Harold Gibbs

Lexington, Kentucky

"Took my 2015 Camaro SS to the dyno and got a baseline run.  Then I added a bottle of MAXIMUM THROTTLE Octane Booster to a full tank of California 91 octane and drove my car for about a hundred miles to get the car use to the higher octane level. Went back for another pull on the dyno and saw an increase of 15hp at the wheel - this stuff actually works!

Eddie James

Los Angeles, California

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