Formulated with the highest level R.S.M. Technology, each of our proven power additives are guaranteed to increase the level of performance in anything you drive: street car, truck, motorcycle, boat, jet-ski, racecar, dirt bike, ATV, hot rod or airplane. If it runs on gasoline, Racing Shark Power Additives will make it run faster!

STAGE 1: RPM-MAX Fuel System Treatment

The first step in improving power & performance is to clean out all of the hidden gunk in your fuel system. RPM-MAX contains high-powered cleaning agents specially designed to restore your entire fuel system back to "better than new" - from the gas tank all the way to the internal parts of your engine. Just one treatment will greatly improve acceleration, power and response! RPM-MAX quickly helps remove harmful deposits in all types of engines. This formula contains a proprietary blend of high-powered cleaning and lubricating agents that are scientifically designed to have long lasting effects. One treatment is guaranteed to clean and lubricate for up to 4 months!


STAGE 2: FORMULA-496 Engine Treatment

The second step in adding more power is to reduce friction and increase oil pressure. FORMULA-496 is an engine treatment that thoroughly cleans all engines and fuel systems. It frees lifters, valves and rings while you drive! This fast acting formula quickly absorbs moisture and removes harmful gum, sludge, varnish and carbon deposits. With just one treatment, it provides better lubrication, restored performance and an extended engine life. This "Ultimate Friction-Fighting" formula clings to cylinder walls, cam-shafts and all delicate bearing surfaces using a super tough slippery film specially designed to protect against metal on metal wear & tear. FORMULA-496 fills in where your regular oil falls short! (Compatible with all leading oils)

STAGE 3: RSM-400 POWER SHIFT Transmission Treatment

The next step in getting more performance is fast & sure shifting. Formulated to quickly remove power-robbing varnish and sticky build-up in any transmission (manual or automatic) RSM-400 POWER SHIFT cleans and lubricates gears, seals & bands fast - giving you more power instantly! RSM-400 quickly removes sticky gum and varnish build-up on friction surfaces of any transmission.  It is designed to deliver fast results by cleaning and lubricating the transmission to provide fast, sure shifting of gears and smooth acceleration. This highly effective formula absorbs moisture and removes harmful deposits within the transmission. After just one treatment, gum and varnish are removed and no fluid viscosity is lost.


The fourth and final step in improving power & performance is increasing octane levels. MAXIMUM THROTTLE Octane Treatment immediately turns ordinary pump-grade gas into High Performance Fuel for any gasoline-powered engine! Raises octane levels to provide an efficient, knock-free performance in high compression, naturally aspirated or supercharged engines. Great to use in turbocharged, fuel injected, carbureted or supercharged engines and will not harm oxygen sensor or catalytic converter. Simply open the gas tank, pour in the power and turn on the gas to "SHARK-CHARGE" your engine!!!







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