A Shark's Tale...

The mythical beast known around the world as “Racing Shark” has a bizarre history...and stories relating to its origin go all the way back to the glory days of racing.


The legend begins in the Spring of ‘69 when a young driver was doing burnouts in the staging lane. As he waited at the starting line for the green flag, he reported a “close encounter” with something that resembled a “shiny silver creature.”

This entity was said to be larger than two race cars placed bumper-to-bumper and its body was completely chrome-plated. No motor was visible, or apparently necessary, as the fierce looking beast launched down the track at high speed using only its muscular tail to propel itself.

Reports of the great Racing Shark spread throughout the racing world like wildfire and other drivers said that they, too, had seen the “aquatic racer.” One stunned driver claimed it rushed at his car and ripped a huge gash down one side, causing him to lose control and hit the wall. Another stated that the creature suddenly surfaced out of the smoke beside his car and thrashed about viciously until the frightened driver slammed on his breaks and lost the race!


Today the Racing Shark is thought to roam race tracks, sometimes hidden amongst the cars in the pits, looking for his next victim. It has been said that on certain Summer nights when the track temperature is just right and the weather is cool & pleasant, one can hear him burning out in the distance. 

Some witnesses have reported seeing a huge pair of “glowing eyes” coming down the track towards them...remaining visible only long enough to scare away his competitors, then quickly submerge back into the smoke.

Over the past few years the Racing Shark has stayed tantalizingly out of sight except for a few brief races here and there. Even so, he has left huge burnout marks down many area tracks and a trail of awesome merchandise for all to behold!

According to legend, it is believed that if a driver (or a spectator) wears an image of the Racing Shark on race day they will be victorious. How can this be explained? We will probably never know for sure, but one thing is certain: if you    


You Will Be a Winner!!!

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